Good day, friends!

For almost a year and a half, I thought to find the original flash drive with cards somewhere in the showdown, but all attempts resulted in a complete failure, as it turned out, very few people throw 28k on the flash drive with the cards off the dealer. I found the instructions from the famous guys on the local site, but all my attempts were also crowned with failure, because all I had achieved was a gray background on the cards and everything … had to be mixed. I have a Mazda 2016 build, firmware 56.00.513 EU N. This is what algorithm helped me:

What you need — a standard set of USB flash drives (formatted in FAT32, cluster size is standard! important) and SD cards (class 10, better gigabytes at 16, also formatted in FAT32, cluster size is standard, volume label NAVI )

1. Downloading cards with the rest of the dopami — (maps from December 2017)
Maps are also suitable for new cars 2017-18, only the other patch is needed!
2. Download patch for firmware —
In the list, select the file 56.00.511A_512А_513В it is for our firmware
3. Throw patch files on a USB flash drive (all files from the archive to the root of the flash drive)
4. We throw the cards on the SD card (also to the root of all the contents)
We take the flash drive and the SD card with us to the car, there are some nuances.

Everyone writes that it is necessary to do everything on the engine, I just turned on the PG and started the work:
5. Remove all flash drives with music, etc., insert a USB flash drive with a patch, wait for the black window with the NNG PATSHED patch to pop up, take a finger, click on the sensor in the area of the "OK" button, GU reboots, after rebooting, remove the USB flash drive, it is no longer needed
6. Insert the SD card, and click on the NAV button on the panel, the navigation should go
7. On the way so that the satellites can determine the exact location

8. No Mazda Toolbox should be installed, new maps from March 2018 for the Russian Federation are not included, only for Europe.
But if suddenly itch to update, manual here

I did not have any problems with this algorithm, but, again, everything is at your own peril and risk. Glyukov GU hasn’t been there yet, maybe he’s been thinking a little longer, for one more process was added to the GU, which is logical. Navigation works well, though due to the memory capabilities of the GU, it is not as fast as we would like. In any case, I am satisfied.
Good luck to all!

И снова здравствуйте!

Время идет, TiT по-прежнему радует. Пробег уже перевалил за 1000 км. Следующим этапом в улучшении автомобиля стала активация штатной навигации. Отмечу, что Mazda продает карты навигации как отдельный аксессуар. Сама навигационная программа присутствует в машине, а карты продаются отдельно.
На текущий момент существует 4 способа заиметь штатную навигацию:

1. Купить оригинальную карту у ОД или другом магазине запчастей (Exist, Emax и т.п.)
Цена: 20000 — 22000 руб.

2. Воспользоваться на драйве инструкциями по взлому штатной навигации.
Идея взлом заключается в патче ГУ, для того чтобы ГУ распознавало любую карту как оригинальную.
Цена: 700 — 1000 руб. на SD карту (8 или 16 Гб)

Начиная с прошивки 59.00.502 и выше (т.е. 59.00.504, 59.00.532, 59.00.540 и т.д.) требуется разблокировка ГУ для запуска скриптов. Как это сделать описано в записи: #33 — Разблокировка ГУ на Mazda CX-5 2017-2018

3. Купить полный клон оригинальной карты.
Под полным клоном понимается карта с одинаковым контентом и CID оригинальной карты.
Цена: 4500 — 5500 руб.

4. Купить пропатченную карту (или контент) привязанную к конкретной машине по VIN номеру.
Как известно, после того как машина проехала 100 км, карта привязывается к конкретной машине по VIN номеру машины (японскому VIN). Закинув правильное содержимое на карту, она будет распозноваться системой ГУ как оригинальная и уже активированная.
Цена: 6500 руб.

Я выбрал 3 способ активации. Купил полный дубликат оригинальной карты. Почему? Все просто.
1) Не хотел тратить время на эксперименты и детальное изучение матчасти.
2) Мне нужна была именно оригинальная карта, либо дубликат.
Хотя признаюсь, что 2ой способ куда дешевле. 🙂 И на текущий момент уже мной изучен.

Деталями о каждом методе поделюсь в личку.

After receiving, the first thing I did was make a copy of the contents of an inactive card.
To activate the navigation you just need to insert the card into the slot in the armrest and that’s it.
Mazda navigation is based on the familiar IGO that I always use when traveling in Europe. The version of maps is 2017Q2, there are no new interchanges in Kaliningrad (for example, the intersection of Moscow Avenue with Okruzhnaya).
After 100km, the vehicle data was registered on the SD card (binding by VIN number).

After that, I transferred the files from this card to another SD card (I had a Samsung Evo Plus 32GB).

I connected the Samsung card to a computer with the Mazda Toolbox installed. The program recognized the card as genuine with a free update period of 3 years from the date when the card was activated, wrote the VIN to which the navigation was attached and suggested updating the maps to the latest version from February 2019. Updated. I inserted a Samsung card in the car — navigation works.
After the update, new interchanges appeared in Kaliningrad (the intersection of Moscow Avenue with Okruzhnaya is present).

As for traffic jams, weather and fuel prices, which are activated for 2 months when connected to Wi-Fi, in my opinion traffic jams are completely stupid and are an order of magnitude inferior to Yandex and Google, and weather and fuel prices are unnecessary functions.

As a result, we have the current version of IGO installed in the standard head unit, which is not needed in Kaliningrad (like any other navigation), but it helps out a lot in Europe.