ES2060 – Модулятор EBS прицепа Schmitz ( с фитингами ) | Knorr-Bremse

Идент. номер : K019312V06

Schmitz – 1193184 | 1179186 | 1042718 | 1181516

Номера : K019309V06N50, K019350V02 | K019349 | K019309 | K019352V02 | K019349V02N50 | K019309V06N50 | K019309V05N50 | K019319V04N50 | K019312V05N50 | K019302V04N50 | K019312V04N50 | K019302V04N00

On my new trailer, the lifting axle did not work … and the "trailer abs" error was on … When I bought, I hoped that the problem was in the sensors … (it was not possible to check with a computer).
As a result, after a trip to pneumatics … in Kharkov … the diagnosis does not see the brains of the crane … in general (.
"you need to change or repair the crane — said the diagnostician."
On this Schmitz stands the "KNORR" system … and the crane module ES 2053
1. Take a look can fix your tap. repair price not known
2. Buy second-hand from disassembly 500 ye guarantee 1 week for installation … or 14500 UAH
3. Buy a new 950 ye or 26,000

Well, I decided to start by resuscitating my . and suddenly.

it’s not difficult to disassemble it … everything is bolted.

He took the "brains" to the electronics engineer … looked … unsoldered checked the board from 2 sides. She is visually whole … but not working. . and what exactly is not known. conclusion — to the scrap.

I found some "geese" they promised to use a used brain 7000 … I think perfectly. paid 28,12,2017 … and I’m waiting . after NG comes.
did not come … they said they were not workers, they said there is a restored crane assembly from Poland . price 11500 UAH. ordered and AGAIN WAITING …
in the end, all the holidays passed … the item did not come said … NO. (grandmas returned! that pleases)
while I was waiting … brains … ordered a repair kit and went through the pneumatic part of my crane … updated the gum.
700 UAH

I changed everything, cleaned it, smeared it … but in vain … since I did not receive the details.

there was still a proposal from a showdown in Cherkasy … but 500ye for used stuff was not inspired.

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