Холодным октябрьским утром мне в голову пришла идея — покататься по размокшим полям на восьмёрке. Сказано — сделано, буквально через час мчим по просёлочной дороге, щедро разбрасывая по округе ошмётки грязи. Занятие необычное, границы проходимости неизвестны никому. Поэтому каждый раз, когда автомобиль успешно преодолевает внушительных размеров лужу или пересекает размякшую колею, мы пребываем в диком восторге. Кажется, что сегодня нигде не застрянем, поэтому устремляемся в близлежащий лес. Там-то нас и поджидают коварные места.

Зимняя резина хоть и обладает довольно агрессивным рисунком протектора, всё равно замыливается и не хочет цепляться за скользкий грунт. С трудом преодолеваем этот участок (больше из-за собственного страха и неопытности; сейчас, глядя на фотографию, я не вижу ничего сложного, хотя и понимаю, на фотографиях всё всегда кажется простым). В колею от грузовика решили не лезть — к этому моменту наш пыл угас, да и дорожного просвета явно не хватает. По возвращению домой вспомнились давно забытые мысли о злой резине.

Начал искать информацию в сети, на форумах. Большинство советов сводилось к покупке НИИШП ралли 2000, «Снежинки» или ИВ-167 (родная для ЛуАЗа). Так же хорошо отзывались о Кама Евро 224.

In the process of cutting into the head, the thought was spinning: how would she behave on the asphalt? There were fears that there would be a strong imbalance and it would be difficult to navigate the city. However, nothing of the sort happened. On the first departure I swept through the city and found out that there were no vibrations and no beats on the handlebars at 60, 80 and 90 km / h, but we do not need more. When driving through the city within 60 km / h no complaints, except for a slightly increased buzz of rubber, which grows with increasing speed, but this is all the lyrics compared to the effect on dirt roads.

The end of October, the rains have ended and no longer please us with fierce mud. We have to go out in search of unspoilt places, the benefit of finding such is not a big deal. In the first impressive puddle I fly from overclocking and … And nothing, just passing. Maybe the speed is too much, you need to slow down? It’s not a question, I drive almost on idle ones — not a hint of complexity, the car just rides. Only sometimes it becomes difficult for him, but it’s worth adding some speed and you already feel an atypical acceleration in the mud. On ordinary road rubber, in this case, the wheels easily break into useless boxes, while cutting the car just accelerates, there is enough hook. And it’s all on pretty old old rubbed tires. What will happen if we take a new kit, where the height of the tread reaches 10-12 mm?

Quite wandering around in the mud, we go to the sandy shore, where we see a pretty ditch formed after the recent long rains. Without thinking for a long time, I fall into it with the front wheel. And again nothing, there is enough clearance, I just go back. Then again, slowly and gently, forward, along, across, diagonally — but we also do not get stuck here. On the beach did not go down, there is a well-known scenario. But for the sandy soil, cutting cuts well, if you push the gas pedal with your mind, you do not even bury it. This is all at a pressure of 1.8-2 atmosphere, on this day it was not necessary to bleed.

In early November, snow fell, melted, again fell out and it was time for the next pokatushek. This time stormed the ragged slopes of the ravine, here for the first time the lack of a full drive was felt — unloaded front wheels grind the soft turf, leaving deep grooves in it, but there’s no sense in it — the car gets up half way. Such rises without overclocking are not given, the benefit of the ravine is not cramped and there is where to accelerate.

We decided to return home on the steep bank of the Volga, where we finally got stuck. The snow nazi embraced us warmly, and the most typical situation happened — the evil wheels easily cut through the snow and the car hung on the crankcase protection. We got out quickly, according to a well-established algorithm, which I’ll tell you about separately (I’m tired of looking at the cars stuck in the house, whose drivers hysterically press on the gas in the hope that five thousand on the tachometer will help them).

A few days later, the tests continued. In the same place, on the shore, they noticed this step and began to storm it from different angles.

Once the level of snow cover has become significant, 08 sits on the protection of the crankcase almost every exit — very lack of clearance, because the springs have remained understated. In addition, malicious cutting is not suitable for deep snow, its elements — dirt, loose ground, snow porridge. For deep snow, you need a wide road rubber, an impressive clearance and four-wheel drive, all this, unfortunately, is not about 08. So now she is at the house, covered with snow. She is waiting for the spring’s mudslide.

Conclusion: cutting is worth it, especially if you cut winter tires — it is softer, the tread pattern is more aggressive and deeper. For fans of hunting, fishing and picnics in the off-season is the thing. No fuss with chains, bracelets and hands are always clean. But the city must be traveled with caution, because when cutting through one piece of the tread the area of ​​the contact spot with the road surface and the number of spikes significantly decreases. On the rolled snow, the difference between the front and rear axles is noticeable: it is very difficult to "rock" the car, it does not react to the discharge of gas, it is possible to throw the backside into the turn only with the help of a hand wheel. In general, it is more necessary with this. It is not known yet how DPS staff will react to such "modernization". I have not yet had a chance to meet them — I drive, mostly in the fields — which is what I wish for you.

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